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Espresso Machine Maintenance

Cleaning and Troubleshooting

Below is a general cleaning and troubleshooting guide for traditional espresso machines.  Super-Automatic espresso machines are generally run through frequent cleaning cycles and require different cleaning methods.  With proper cleaning and service, high quality commercial espresso machines should last for many years.  Minor problems with espresso machines can often be resolved by cleaning and simple troubleshooting. Refer to your manual for machine specific instructions.

 Cleaning Methods

Porta-Filter Basket Clean daily in hot water. Common practice is to soak filter baskets in hot water and detergent overnight to dissolve deposits.

Clean weekly.  Place a teaspoon of espresso machine detergent into a porta-filter with a solid basket.  Attach the porta-filter to the group.  Cycle the coffee delivery switch (turn on and off a few seconds at a time) until the water drains clean. It also helps to do this cleaning daily without the detergent. Perform this operation only if your machine is equipped with a 3-way electrovalve that backflushes from the portafilter to a drip tray.

Steam Nozzles Keep clean at all times. If necessary, clear steam exit holes with a needle.
Water Softener Regenerate monthly, or as needed depending on machine use and water type.


Troubleshooting Guide

Possible Cause
No Power to Machine
Main switch is in unpowered position
Switch to "On" or "2" position

Improper electrical connection
Have electrical connection checked

Machine will not dispense coffee
Water supply tap is closed
Open water supply tap

Group dispensing orifice is clogged
Call a technician

Solenoid valve is clogged
Call a technician

Coffee dispenses too slowly
Coffee ground too finely
Use a coarser ground coffee

Group head orifice is dirty
Clean the group

Group perforated disks are clogged
Clean the perforated disks

The porta-filter basket is dirty
Clean the porta-filter

Decrease in water supply pressure
Call a technician

Coffee dispenses too quickly
 Coffee Ground too coarsly

User a finer ground coffee

Increase in water supply pressure
Call a Technician

Coffee leaks from porta-filter
Edges of porta-filter basket are damaged
Replace porta-filter basket

Residue between the porta-filter and seal
Clean group

Worn group head gasket
Have group head gasket replaced

Water leaks from under machine
Detached, clogged, or broken drain
Check and restore drain connection

Nozzles will not dispense hot water/steam
Boiler has not warmed up
Wait a few minutes

Steam nozzle holes are clogged
Clean nozzle holes with a needle

Boiler is full of water
Call a technician

Steam nozzle dispenses water
Boiler is full of water
Run hot water from nozzle.