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ITALIAN ESPRESSO by Zecuppa Coffee
5 LB Bag - Whole Bean Fresh Roasted Coffee

Italian Espresso Beans - 5LB
Italian Espresso Beans - 5LB

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This coffee, Vienna roasted Italian Espresso Beans, styled from a classic Italian recipe, creates an excellent espresso experience. Blended and roasted to make cappuccinos matching the finest in Italy, this coffee produces a beautiful crema and has a sweet and smooth flavor with a satisfying finish. Also delicious for drip and French press coffee.

Zecuppa's Italian styled espresso is flavorful, balanced and makes excellent espresso for milk based drinks.  Mix a shot of our Italian espresso with a spoonful of sugar or flavored creamer for an incredible Italian style shooter. Also great for making Toddy coffee or traditional Italian coffee desserts like affogatos and granitas.

Italian Espresso beans are created by blending various coffees for balance and low acidity. To produce Italian Espresso, high quality and highly consistent dry processed coffee beans are used to create a hearty espresso base with low acidity and excellent crema. Then, other premium coffee beans with neutral to bright flavor characteristics and complementary flavor characteristics are added for balance and complexity. The roast degree for Italian Espresso is commonly referred to as a Vienna Roast, which is on the light end of dark roasts, and is ended just after first crack when the second crack has just started. Maximum aroma and flavor can normally be achieved with a Vienna Roast and has very little, if any, of the charcoal flavor associated with dark roasted coffee. A Vienna Roast can also be called "Full City" or "Full Flavor" roast.

Zecuppa Coffee routinely taste tests batches of Italian Espresso to ensure consistency. An exceptional crema is produced when oils in Italian Espresso beans interact with tiny air bubbles expanding to over twice their size while passing through the espresso machine porta-filter. Zecuppa Coffee Italian Espresso beans produce a crema and flavor comparable to the finest espresso bars in Rome.

Coffee orders are roasted and shipped the same day for superior flavor and freshness. Your fresh roasted coffee is immediately sealed in a foil valve bag.

Zecuppa Coffee makes the freshest specialty coffees available! Taste the difference. Delicious!