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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee by Zecuppa Coffee
5 LB Bag - Whole Bean

Tanzanian Peaberry - 5LB
Tanzanian Peaberry - 5LB

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Tanzanian Peaberry is rich, with a winey acidity, medium body, and citrus like flavors. East African coffees are known for their bright, crisp, fruity like characteristics and Tanzania Peaberry is a top of the line example.

Inside each coffee cherry there are usually two flat sided beans. However, some cherries produce one pearl shaped bean instead called a peaberry. The peaberries are separated from flat beans and sold at a premium for their enhanced flavor characteristics.

Tanzanian Peaberries, which have flavor characteristics similar to coffees from Kenya, make a flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee with hints of wild fruit.  Tanzanian peaberry is roasted to City+ (medium) to preserve much of its varietal character.

Coffee orders are roasted and shipped the same day for superior flavor and freshness. Your fresh roasted coffee is immediately sealed in a foil valve bag.

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